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  • Institutional acceptance dealer

    Exclusive multi-currency deposit & withdrawal acceptance channels to safeguard your high-value assets.

  • Main-Sub account management service

    Meet your need for customized trading with multiple strategies by allowing up to 200 sub-accounts.

  • Financial products and services

    Customized over-the-counter lending, pledge financing, over-the-counter option, third-party custody and asset management services.

  • Exclusive investment right

    As a qualified investor, you will be given priority to invest in projects on Huobi Next.

  • Account manager

    Instant responses to your demands and customized one-stop solutions.

  • Think tank service

    Real-time pushes of big data industry analysis and secondary market investment reports regularly published by Huobi Research enbale faster investments.

  • Meet-ups

    Regularly invite influencers to discuss blockchain topics and digital currency development.

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